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Springshot mobile app - mission workflow

A mobile app that enable deskless workers (mainly work in airport now) to receive and perform tasks.

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Alaska Airline Observation Report

A web data visualization project to help Alaska Airline observe their workers's job performance.

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Adsnative advertising platform

An advertising web platform that allows publishers to fully control and monetize their digital inventory


Momento Mobile App

A mobile app that can collect and reveal your memory with your significant others

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momento 2.gif

Pictionary Samsung TV Game

A multi-screens drawing game that allows players play game on both Samsung phone and TV


MPPR mobile app

A private location sharing app

mapper 1 12.5.gif
mapper 2 12.5.gif

Yes Icons!

The process of some icons I made for fun


Yes My logo!

A funny animation about my logo


Dumb Ways to die at ITP

A funny animation to show how dangerous my major is!