Product Designer

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Hey~this is tan

I am a product designer based in San Francisco Bay Area. I enjoy design thinking precess, illustration, and UI design. I started UI/UX design since 2012 and I have working experience with big companies as well as small professional startups. 

I am proficient in many design tools including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Invision, Indesign, Premiere and After Effects. I have strong visual design skills and excellent visual instinct to distinguish what is good design. 

Through these years, I've worked in over 5 different teams to collaborate with others, e.g. Springshot, Adsnative, Samsung, Harman Kardon, Tencent, NYU...  In my current position, I am the lead designer to design Springshot's complex web product, mobile app etc. In my spare time, I also take some work about graphic design and branding. 

It probably wouldn't hurt to mention that I am a technology enthusiast.  I love pushing the envelope and utilizing technology in new and visually way. And I am a big fan of making wooden toys, paper crafts, my dog, and Asian food. 

Shoot me an email  if you like my work or even just talk about dog and food.

Phone: 347 601 7092

Email: mamatantan@hotmail.com