Thesis Project

Skill: Video mapping, Fabrication, Animation, Javascript code, 3D model 

Year: 2015

My thesis has been a series of experiments to explore the possibility of interaction between the animation and real world. I wanted to use projection mapping, animation, lights and mechanisms to create the illusion of magical motion. Enter a world where animated objects can make things move in the physical world. 


What if combine animation and physical objects together? what will happen? Can they generate some sparks of surprise and fun?

What if animation can make the physical things move, and also physical things are part of animation and keep animation going?

I start with some exploration. 

I started to use phone as physical object, not interface. When you do something to your phone, it will affect animation.

Everything starts from bouncing balls

Instead of making digital ball bounce like real balls, make the physical balls looks like digital ball bounce. This image is the front view of my project.

1. I used Rhino to make the model to define each ball's place. And then measured the distance from each ball center to the ground.

2. Painted all 132 balls in 5 different color and drill the hole in the center.

3. Build the real box as designed and tie all the balls according to the defined place.

4. Start animation mapping test.

5. Final look!