Springshot Observation Report Design 

Springshot is the workforce optimization and collaboration platform for service industries. It provides visibility into all levels of daily operations through real-time reporting and analytics, so organizations can identify opportunities to increase workforce productivity.  It mainly help airlines, hotels manage their workforce by providing feedbacks and giving score to encourage their workforce success. 

As a freelance designer in this office, My first mission is to create their observation reports for Alaska airline. I am working the UX wireframes right now.  This is a temporary post that only show some wireframe sketches I did so far, it will be updated once I finish the visual design.


In the first version I was trying to think from the whole structure and created different categories for report.


After talking with the Lead Designer, We only need to design Questions section at this moment, so I put all attention on Questions page and added more details.


After talking with our CEO, he told me most of the users are non-power users, and most of their attention are on worst, best, improving and declining questions.  So I remove those custom graph function and make it easier to use by setting the worst and best as default. And I did big change on graph granularity.


The new feedbacks I got from V3 design was we need connect bar graph and line graph together and adding most improving and declining trending. I tried to separately show bar chart and line chart, it just has more space to read data better. But show both bar and line chart is easy to control and compare.